Coco Cabana by Frank's
is a fun cafe with a
tropical Tiki bar theme,
pizza hut and colorful
restaurant. Find us at the
top of the hill in Queenstown central!


Delish brekky options include
gourmet buffet, smoothies,
eggs benedict and much more.


Our central location
make us the perfect place
to stop in for a bite or
meet for a catch up on your
way to just about anywhere!


Love what we do ?
Gran someone special a voucher
and share the yum!




1. To be honest, unrestrained, bold, straightforward.

Coco Cabana by Frank’s is an ethical, family-run hospitality group in Queenstown NZ. Created with love and passion for café culture, we serve wholesome, tasty food using free-range, local produce (we like to look after our neighbours). We embrace our responsibilities to help create a world where our planet can flourish. Pretty cool eh?

Frank’s believes the foundations of a good café are simple… serving great food and awesome coffee in ambient, cosy spaces. And that’s just what we’ve been doing. Joining the Queenstown scene in December 2017, Frank’s Hospitality Group is making waves across the South Island.

Frank’s is bold, stripped back, honest, straightforward; unapologetically frank. With fuss-free food and décor, Frank’s knows what’s important; great-tasting, simple, ethical food and great quality, fair trade, organic coffee.

With cosy-cushioned corners, bright spaces and outdoor seating, Coco Cabana by Frank’s will be your new go-to spot for all occasions. Pop in for breakfast, grab a coffee or catch up with friends over dinner and tiki cocktails.

Frank’s is all you need.